Dear Parent / Carer

By now, you should have received a text message letting you know that I have decided to close the whole school next week and reopen after half term on the 2nd November 2020.

I have not taken this decision lightly. In fact, I have thought of little else all weekend.

I believe that infection rates are rising so rapidly that the safety and well-being of pupils, staff and families has been compromised and I want to act to protect our community. Challenging times need strong decisions and actions.

I can also see that fetching other children to school whilst brothers and sisters are isolating is an almost impossible task for some parents and is causing families additional stress and worries. I don’t want this for our community.

We will ensure that ALL pupils are still taught next week but it will be via the school’s Home-Learning approach and from the safety of your own homes. Please check your emails regularly as your child’s class teacher will contact you with all the information you need to access the learning. We will help you along the way and offer as much support as we are able. This will only work if we have your full support.

Any child in receipt of free school meals will be provided with a hamper for next week, if you haven’t already received one. So, don’t worry about that – we will deliver it at some point during the week.

I will be available tmw morning from 9am to talk to anyone who wishes to discuss this further. I will still go into school and make myself available so that any worries you have can be discussed properly. I want to support you all as much as I am able. You can also email your child’s teacher for advice and information and they will reply from Monday onwards.

Please be patient if you have questions and wait to contact us until tomorrow. We need this evening to prepare the home-learning package and to deal with the red-tape involved in closing a school and won’t be able to reply straight away.

I hope I continue to have your full support in this matter

Take care all. We are thinking of each and every one of you

Mrs K McKechnie


Below is the link to the Government’s current guidance on booking a test for your child. Click on the link

Children's guide to Corona Virus

Copy and paste the link below if you wish to explain Corona Virus to your child. It is a really useful document…

Download Documents

Home Learning Policy due to unforeseen school closure
School Nursing Service
Keep yourself safe online

Please see below the images for the school’s Nursing Team.

If you have any concerns or queries then please give them a call.

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