With Me in Mind

Support to Children and Young People

With Me In Mind is a service that offers emotional wellbeing support to children and young people. They work to enhance the support that is already in place in schools. As a school we are working with the team to identify children we think may benefit from some additional intervention regarding low moods/anxiety. The team offer workshops and assemblies for everyone, which we take up in school, and also carry out individual consultations with children and parents to see where it may benefit to teach Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques that can be used to adapt day to day life for the better. Parental support can also be offered through the service.

Staff Well-Being

In school we also take care of staff wellbeing through our newly launched ‘secret work buddies’. This is where members of staff surprise their buddy with a kind gesture or gift once a month to keep up morale.

Class Dojo

On Class Dojo you will see weekly ‘Well-being Wednesday’ posts from Mrs Ball or Miss Waddoups, which share tips, uplifting messages or a pointer towards a helpful resource or mental health service.