Our Thrive

We are proud at New Village to have embedded the Thrive Approach in our setting.


Thrive is part of our ethos: we care for our children and believe this specialist intervention can not only re-engage them with learning but also create resilience so they are able to manage with life’s up and downs beyond New Village.


Having achieved Thrive school of Excellence in two areas, we are keen to continue working towards excellence in other areas.  To achieve excellence in reparative thrive, we have to show that our children make good progress towards their individual targets.  We show this using the online thrive assessment tool.  Thrive practitioners work closely with teachers to make correct assessments of children.


To achieve excellence in thrive environment  we have to show that thrive practice is a whole school approach and that all staff have an understanding of the theory behind the practice.
Ms L Wales
Inclusion Leader / Thrive Practitioner / Safeguarding DSL
Mrs C Burton
Teaching Assistant / Thrive Practitioner
Mr A Lund
Admin & Community Liason / Thrive Practitioner
Mr A Peterson
Attendance and Inclusion Officer / Inclusion Team / Thrive Practitioner
Miss H Dunn
Thrive Practitioner

There are five areas which schools can evidence how they use Thrive to support children and young people’s social and emotional development, these are:

  • Leadership
  • Right-time
  • Reparative
  • Relationship
  • Environment

We are proud to be a Thrive Ambassador School in both the Environment we create and the reparative care and support we provide.

“I like Thrive because we can talk about worries, it keeps me safe.” – LO
“Thrive makes me feel special.” – IH
“I like Thrive because it helps me calm down and I stop worrying.” LK

For more information ask one of our Thrive practitioners for a leaflet or visit www.thriveapproach.com

Family Thrive

Bentley New Village now has a Family Thrive Course Leader.  Family Thrive gives parents an insight into why children behave like they do, and provides them with pointers and resources to help create positive experiences that support and replicate the therapeutic approach that we are providing to them in school.  It helps educating parents on the principles of behaviours simply being communication of needs, the basics of neuroscience, and attachment styles.

Right Time Thrive

As a school Bentley New Village embeds the principles of Thrive within its core values as a whole school approach, and the ethos in considered and embedded in all elements of learning.  Not only do we offer reparative support to groups and individuals that maybe struggling, but we also ensure that every child is accessing Right Time Thrive.  This involves sessions within the class environment to ensure we are supporting meeting developmental needs at the right-time.  This helps pupils become more resilient, open to learning and able to thrive, even in challenging times.