Our Thrive

We are proud at Bentley New Village that we have, and continue to embrace the Thrive approach.


We want to ensure our children are healthy, happy and confident and therefore ready to learn. However, we recognise some children need extra help with their emotional development in the first instance. Thrive is based on recent advances in neuroscience, attachment theory and child development allowing us to create an individual intervention for our pupils.


Thrive is part of our ethos: we care for our children and believe this specialist intervention can not only re-engage them with learning but also create resilience so they are able to manage with life’s up and downs beyond New Village.

"Thrive is good because it has helped me. I tell a teacher now when somebody winds me up.” - CC yr4
“I have become so passionate about using this approach. I truly believe we are making a difference to children’s lives and that’s the best job in the world!” - Miss Wales

For more information ask one of our Thrive practitioners for a leaflet or visit www.thriveapproach.com