Our Attendance

Good attendance is essential for children’s educational development and their personal growth, it is vital in ensuring that children are equipped with the appropriate life skills that are so importantly needed for them to succeed. Here at Bentley New Village we appreciate the unique difficulties that parents and carers face in regards to having good attendance and we take pride in supporting families with these difficulties and support them with addressing any barriers they may face. We embrace positive attitudes towards attendance and as a school we aim to promote this through our staff and our school ethos.

We place such importance in our school due to its direct link towards safeguarding and well-being. Rarely is attendance a simple matter but is made up of complex individual circumstances that require a school to offer support, understanding and guidance which we consistently offer at New Village.

How We Celebrate Attendance

Each term we’re aiming to achieve a Gold, Silver or Bronze Attendance Certificate!

Gold Attendance Certificate – 100%

Silver Attendance Certificate – 99% (half a day absent)

Bronze Attendance Certificate – 98% (one day absent)

Platinum Certificate – 100% from September to Easter

An Excellence in Attendance Certificate – 100% all year

A trophy for 100% for the entire year

Delicious biscuits for any class with a 100% for the week

Our attendance target is 97%... Our current attendance is 93%

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Best Class Attendance

Well done to Robins class in FSU for best attendance last week with 88.6%

Well done to Mr McGregors Garden class in KS1 for best attendance last week with 93%

Well done to Magic Faraway Tree class in KS2 for best attendance last week with 96%