Our Attendance

How We Celebrate Attendance

Each term we’re aiming to achieve a Gold, Silver or Bronze Attendance Certificate!

Gold Attendance Certificate – 100%

Silver Attendance Certificate – 99% (half a day absent)

Bronze Attendance Certificate – 98% (one day absent)

Platinum Certificate – 100% from September to Easter

An Excellence in Attendance Certificate – 100% all year

A trophy for 100% for the entire year

Delicious biscuits for any class with a 100% for the week

We cannot wait to see who are our best attendees this term.
It will be amazing to see as many children here as possible by Christmas.
Watch this space…

Our attendance target is 97%... Our current attendance is 94%

These children are amazing attendees!
They were awarded 100% attendance for the entire year! We are hoping to add more children to the hall of fame at the end of this school year too.

Well done all! We are extremely proud of you!

These children attended for the entire of the previous term and we were excited to award them with a Vue Cinema voucher that they won in the prize draw!

Let’s hope there are many more to give away in the future!

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Attendance Policy 2017 - 19

Best Class Attendance

Well done to Robin class in FSU for best attendance last week with 95%

Well done to Mr Stallard’s class in KS1 for best attendance last week with 98.4%

Well done to Miss Shaw’s class in KS2 for best attendance last week with 98.4%