What is SEND?

It means that your child has a need that requires additional or different support from the main provision already given in the classroom.  For instance, despite trying a range of approaches in the classroom, your child may still have difficulty with an area of education and is significantly  behind the expectations of their year group and that the school is only able to help them progress through extra support.


Your child may have a physical barrier to learning, such as visual impairment, or a diagnosed condition which requires additional or different support.

What is a SENDCo?

SENDCo is a Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator

Our SENDCO is Miss R Emery who works closely with our Inclusion Leader, Mrs A Smith. You can contact Miss Emery by phoning (01302 874385) or emailing the school (admin@newvillage.doncaster.sch.uk), visiting the main office to make an appointment or through the school’s Messenger service.


Download Documents

Here are links to school documents outlining how we support all pupils in school.  All other school policies can be found on the School Policies tab.

If you need further information please do not hesitate to contact school

Download Documents

Here are links to Government documents outlining the SEND code of Practice.

Should you wish to read this, we would recommend doing this online and not printing the very large document.

Download Documents

Here is a useful flyer for parents of children with SEND.

You may be entitled to discounts in and around the community and also on short breaks and holidays. Click on the flyer to learn more.

Our Local SEND Offer

Doncaster Council’s Local Offer of the services for children and Young people with Special Educational Needs and Disability can be found at: www.doncaster.gov.uk/services/schools/local-offer-send

The New Code of Practice for SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) commenced from September 2014.

SEND School Complaints Procedure

Should you be unhappy about your child’s provision and SEND support at Bentley New Village, please follow the steps below to action your thoughts.

  1. Contact school to make an appointment to speak with Miss Emery, should she not be available at the time of the initial call.
  2. Attend the appointment (via phone or in person) with Miss Emery and allow time for actions to be completed.
  3. Should you still require further actions to be taken or should you be unhappy with the outcomes of prior meetings; Email       admin@newvillage.doncaster.sch.uk                                                                                                                                                                                                            to make an appointment with Mrs Simmons
  4. Allow time for actions to be completed and further discussions to be held.
  5. Should you then still be unhappy with the outcomes of the meeting please email the SEND governor (Mrs Sharon Golze) through the admin email address.
  6. Further steps will be discussed at this point.